Patrice has recently taken her creativity to another level as an Author and lyricist. Previous to this she ran her own successful Interior Design Business for 15 years working on national and international projects. Whilst taking a career break after the birth of her first son she discovered her innate passion for writing and photography, both of which are embraced in her gift book ‘Inside Out’ and which went on to inspire her debut novel ‘Wrapped in Hope.’

‘Wrapped in Hope’ tells the story of how three people of different generations create an everlasting impact on each others lives. It is a story of hope and transformation, of overcoming the challenges of life, of trusting more profoundly than you could ever imagine that there is a bigger and better plan for you, until you find the strength to loose all fears and ultimately be the making of your own life.

She has also written the lyrics to the song A momentary Gaze,  which can be viewed on youtube. A Momentary Gaze is played to a backdrop of photographs and quotes by Patrice.

During her career break, her studies of herbal medicine reawakened and intensified her love for nature bringing her to a deeper understanding of life. This is encapsulated in her gift book Inside Out where Patrice shares moments of inspiration from her photography and writing that draw you into the essence of nature and life.

Portrait of Patrice

Always allow the growth of the journey and the time it takes because there is a greater reason behind it all, something new and beautiful to be discovered amidst the patient virtues of life

From Patrice's exhibition on Screen Life with Joy

Patrice is currently working on the final chapters of her next book  and this Autumn she begins her tour around Ireland showcasing her exhibition on screen called Life with Joy.

From Patrice’s experience, she has found that living through a challenging time, forces an inner strength to the surface of life, one that leads to discoveries and even gifts.  The biggest gift that came into her life are her two boys Alan and Patrick after an eight year fertility struggle.  Whilst recovering from surgery she was told by the surgeon that she had little or no chance of ever conceiving. Devastated by this news Patrice decided to search for an answer. This lead her down a path of discovery where she learned about the healing power of plant based food, herbs and the impact stress and trapped emotions have on the body.  She embraced this new life style that opened her mind to interconnectedness of life. After eight years she received the biggest gifts of her life, her firstborn son Alan followed by her second son Patrick. Both were conceived naturally after following a  more healthy lifestyle.

Patrice chose to close her Interior Design business which she ran successfully for fifteen years. Her Interior Design business was one which involved a lot of travel and long hours. Now it was time for motherhood, a dream come true.  In this quieter pace of life she discovered her very unexpected gift of writing, a gift hidden so deeply that she never even saw its reflection. Now, she balances motherhood with her passion for writing and photography, a world she once never dared to dream of.

 “In every challenge, there is a strengthening that forms and a gift that follows”.

Patrice Reynolds