Landing - Stephenstown Pond, Co. Louth


Life inspires me, people’s lives and the natural beauty in nature. I find inspiration in all the colours of life, the seasonal displays, the look of awe on an enthusiastic child’s face and the important discoveries they make, their interactions and reactions, their growth.

As I follow the world around me with my lens, I feel a surge of creativity coming alive in my mind, stories, words, the twist and turns of life. And this is where inspiration meets me. Writing and photography are the blend that carry me to a space where I fill the pages.




Poppy Field  Ballapousta, Co. Louth







Dream a little, lot a lot

Dreams - Stabannon, Co. Louth.


My camera gives me the tools to focus in on something that moves me and draws me towards the deeper message of life. The array of colours, presented to us in a given day, through the ever present movement and formation of life, hums a silent tune to the mind. The gift in each day, is noticing the presence of life, in all its forms and this further blesses us, by generating gratitude and the feelings of Joy and Love, as we see, with opened eyes, the simple everyday miracles and transformations.

The flightCastlebellingham, Co. Louth

When I go out with my camera inspiration meets me. A photograph captures what can sometime escape our eyes. The sight of a sunset will always stop me in my tracks. I love the transformation of the seasons and the nostalgic feeling they spark within me.


Snow Glow - Ballapousta, Co. Louth


This photo I took of the snow sets in my mind the beauty of transformation as it reveals the more intricate details that were once missed by the naked eye. And then I think of how easily we can transform our own lives If we’re open to it

Field of Dreams – Stabannon, Co. Louth

Children are our greatest teachers, both drawing us back to the innocent allures of life and then testing all the virtuous qualities we thought we had. Life is full of variety, with different personalities and qualities surging through us all, and yet, there remains one thing, that draws us all in, softens our exteriors and moulds us – the power of unconditional love.







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